Reblog: You Don’t Deserve It

This post is amazing. So often, we tell ourselves that we ‘deserve’ to engage in behaviours that are ultimately self-destructive. But when we see them for what they are, real transformation can begin. We can and should reframe what we truly ‘deserve’ as the writer of this post beautifully points out.

Out of the Ashes

I met up with a friend for lunch the other day and she made a comment that took me back. Back to the place where my stinking thinking about drinking kept me captive.

She said that logically she knows there is no benefit to her drinking. “But I feel like I work hard, and after a long day, I deserve it.” I instantly remembered making the same argument in my drinking days.

Now, sixteen months sober, I know that I didn’t deserve it. Neither does my friend, and neither do you.

You deserve so much better. You deserve to have a healthy body that you don’t pour poison into after a long day. You do work hard and you deserve peaceful rest and rejuvenation–not fitful sleep and dehydration.

You deserve to have a healthy mind that is not held captive by toxic thoughts. Obsessive thoughts that cause you to break…

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